Bachelor's Degree from Logos University

This curriculum program is for those who feel called by God to be a part or full-time Christian counselor and have not yet earned a Bachelor level degree. This LOGOS University Bachelor Degree requires 120 credit hours. College courses taken at other colleges or universities may be accepted as credit toward this degree and as many as 30 credit hours can be granted by LOGOS for life and ministry experience credit. Up to 15 credits can be earned by taking and passing a Bible knowledge test. All courses are 3 credit hours and the course numbers correspond to similar courses offered in the LOGOS catalog. Courses are selected from the following list and may be viewed by following the hyperlink to the syllabus and video screens for that course. DVD and text books may be purchased on each course page. You may download the Bachelor's Degree Application.

Mandatory Lecture Courses: 18 Credit Hours

Elective Lecture Courses

Additional elective courses may be taken directly from the LOGOS catalogue.

Pay for Logos Application and Evaluation Fee $100.00

Pay for one Logos undergraduate Bachelor's course at a time $300.00



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