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To train the body of Christ to more effectively help the spiritually unfulfilled, underachieving, emotionally and psychologically hurting people in our churches and in our society.

Faith Therapy

The Faith Therapy Curriculum was developed over a period of years based on a new methodology developed at Word of Life Institute but expanded to cover all of the most important topics commonly encountered in the church counseling and life coaching environment.   Currently the unique portion of this curriculum consists of four books and 16 video courses.  It provides both self-help resources for individuals and college curriculum for effectively training Christian counselors and Bible-based life coaches. 

      Over the years and with quit a number of graduates, not only has this curriculum proven to be very easy to teach and implement in churches, but it has proven to be an extremely effective and an appropriate means of evangelism in this culture and for missions in other cultures.  All of our methodology directly includes evangelism since without salvation by faith the best that counseling can do is make more effective participants for the rat race of life and does nothing to prepare them for eternity  

The Origin of Faith Therapy.

Over the years as we have developed the Faith Therapy curriculum, we have needed to produce and publish our materials and resources.  We are now in the process of developing our own publishing company in order to minimize cost and provide more security than being dependent on another company.  This became clear when our original publisher went out of business, lost the files for one of our books, and our books were taken out of distribution for almost six months.  Our goal is to be able to produce additional resources and translate our current resources into other languages for use in other countries and cultures at lower cost.

      Faith Therapy is unique in that it is based solely on the process of biblical salvation by faith.  After determining the root problem and helping the client to realize that he cannot resolve it without God, the most fundamental step in the healing process is leading the client to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Once Christ has been accepted, the Holy Spirit orchestrates the process of salvation or wholeness.  The Christian counselor’s job is to help the client remove any roadblocks to this process and assist him to grow in Christian maturity once the roadblocks are removed.  In addition to bringing relief to the presenting problem, faith therapy views all problems as symptoms of deeper life issues, which are rooted in a lack of faith in God to meet the client’s most basic needs.  Bible principles and models are used for the overall direction of therapy to overcome the original presenting problem, since relying on God’s Word builds faith in God—the ultimate answer.  These models focus directly on areas where faith is needed to overcome a particular psychological or spiritual vulnerability.  In this process, numerous methods, ministries and counseling modalities are applied:  preaching, teaching, intercession, prayer, worship, discipleship, confrontation, deliverance, compassion, insight therapy, faith healing, the gifts of the Spirit, prophetic ministry, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, mentoring, support groups, supportive relationships and many others.  Faith Therapy is best applied within a dynamic body of believers in a local Church, where faith is taught and put into practice on a daily basis.  Faith Therapy, as it is applied to Bible-based life coaching, is also unique because it was derived directly from the Bible based on a number of stories about discipleship.  It, therefore, provides a uniquely Biblical methodology for life coaching

      As I have already stated a number of times, Faith Therapy has been derived directly from the Bible.  Therefore, this question really becomes, “What is the basic psychological model on which the Bible is based?”  According to the Bible the basis of most psychological problems is sin or “missing the mark.”  In fact, it was the sin of Adam and Eve that is responsible for all sickness and pain in the world.  If we accept the fact that, as a minimum, sin is the basis of at least all psychological problems that result from our free choices, then what is the basis of sin?  It is based on our free choice to try to direct our own lives in order to meet our needs without God.  Each of us is driven to meet our most fundamental psychological needs of the self: love, security, worth and significance.  Attempting to meet these needs of the self, in our own strength, is called self-centeredness or selfishness, and it lies at the core of our sin nature.  These needs provide the motivation for everything that we do or attempt to do in the flesh.  The flesh wars against the Spirit for the control of the soul in order to fulfill the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (1 John 2:16).  

       What I have just described constitutes what I call the “basic need model” and it provides the psychological basis for Faith TherapyFaith Therapy provides for the integration of Christian counseling within the framework of the process of salvation by faith and for the direct application of faith to resolve deeply rooted psychological and spiritual problems.  This direct application of faith is especially effective in treating fears, anxiety, insecurity and stress.  It specifically leads the client to accept Christ as Savior and Lord, and addresses problems that arise out of selfish attempts to meet the core psychological needs of love, security, worth, and significance through the flesh.  However, through the application of counseling models and the development of counseling plans based on biblical principles, it is effective in addressing all spiritual and psychological problems.         

World Outreach

Because to the need for and demand for Bible-based counseling throughout the world, Word of Life Institute has reached out to meet these needs through this website, seminars, a developing country scholarship and an active program to begin counseling training centers where the demand is greatest.  At this time this outreach is primarily to English speaking, Christian nations where our books and videos can be most effectively used.   We now have our drug and alcohol videos translated into Slovak, Swahili and Arabic.

A Video Introduction to Word of Life Institute

Word of Life Counseling Training Institute began as a natural outgrowth of the expansion of Word of Life Church to include support groups, a counseling center, and a drug and alcohol outpatient clinic in 1994.  Because of a lack of truly Bible-based counseling training in this area, Word of Life joined with Logos Christian College and Graduate School (now named LOGOS University) as an extension campus to begin developing a training program to meet this need and insure an ongoing resource of Biblically-trained counselors. 




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