PTH605 Spiritual Formation Syllabus

LOGOS equivalent course numbers:

Undergraduate: PTH205 Spiritual Formation

Graduate: PTH605 Spiritual Formation


Course Description: 2nd Peter Chapter 1 provides a roadmap for spiritual and psychological growth. We begin totally self-centered and grow step-by-step toward the goal of a Godly life motivated by love conformed to the image of Jesus. This course helps you identify where you are in this process, leads you toward maturity in Christ, and teaches you how to counsel for spiritual growth.


Text Book: Revelations That Will Set You Free: The Biblical Roadmap of Spiritual and Psychological Growth by Dr. Reiner


Additional Graduate Text Books: The Pursit of God by Tozer


1. First read and underline important passages and insights in the textbook Revelations That Will Set You Free.

2. Watch each video while referencing the book and take any additional notes not covered in the textbook.

3. Write a 3 page paper discussing your experience in pursuing the manifested presence of God. Take at least four hours of fasting, praise, and worship to connect with God Himself using the model of the tabernacle. Your grade on this paper will be based on what you learned in an honest attempt to have an encounter with God.

4. Using Peter’s model of spiritual maturity, write a 5 page paper discussing where you are in your own spiritual development and what you will do to move on to the next step. Give specific details and examples from your own life. Back up your conclusions and ideas with what you have learned in this class and the Bible. Do additional research on your specific issue with at least 3 additional references.

5. For graduate credit students are required to write an additional 5 page paper on how they have or would counsel a specific client for spiritual growth. Be sure to answer the question as to how the application of faith would be used in treating a specific problem. Do additional reserach and cite at least 3 references other than the Bible.

6. Take the open book test that will be E-mailed to you when you have completed the papers. You may use your notes, book, or the DVDs for reference.

7. Submit your papers and final examination to Word of Life Institute for grading via E-mail at


Lesson 1: A Biblical Foundation – Describes how the process of salvation progresses through a series of steps of spiritual growth.

Lesson 2: Faith: Jesus as Savior – Explains the first step of the process of salvation, which is accepting Jesus as Savior.

Lesson 3: Virtue: Jesus as Lord – Challenges the student to realize that he cannot direct his own life and to make Jesus Lord.

Lesson 4: Knowledge: God as Master – Explains the problem of legalism: attempting to live the Christian life in our own strength.

Lesson 5: Self-control: God as Friend – Sets the student free from the law through a clear understanding of grace.

Lesson 6: Perseverance: God as Father– Helps the student accept both the responsibility and privileges of being a child of God.

Lesson 7: Godliness: God my Holy Spirit – Teaches how to die to the self-life, mortify the flesh, and purify our lives.

Lesson 8: Brotherly Kindness: Jesus my Brother – Explains how to develop compassion for our Christian brothers.

Lesson 9: Agape Love: God is Love – Helps in the development of true agape love for everyone.

Lesson 10: The Cyclical Path to Spiritual Growth – Discusses the cyclical path common to each step, how to assess, and how to counsel for spiritual growth.



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