Support Group Certification

Certification as a support group leader requires our Facilitating Support Groups course (also called Group counseling) and our group Practicum.  We provide one copy of the books you will need and a life coach to help you get started.  One of the papers required is a proposal to your pastor asking permission to start your group outlining your plan on how you would do it.  Of course, first you must decide what type of group you would like to start with.  In this course you will be give the example of using the Experiencing God Workbook which we recommend unless you have a specific need in your church like a drug or alcohol addiction or codependency support group.  You can specify which workbook you would like as part of this package.


     Your life coach will be one with support group experience and you will be able to ask them any questions you might like as they help you to get started and when you run into any difficulties.  They will also give you feedback when they grade your papers and your exam.  Select the Hyperlinks below to view the syllabuses, papers required and course requirements:


CNS732 Facilitating Support Groups

RES495 Group Practicum


Support Group Certification Package  $100




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