The Best Books on Spiritual Issues and Growth

In our experience the following books are the best on spiritual issues and growth.   

Revelations That Will Set You Free:  The eight steps of spiritual growth according to 2 Peter Chapter 1 provide a road map to spiritual maturity. 

The Pursuit of God:  A classic on getting to know God. 

Experiencing God:  One of the best known workbooks on learning to know God.  

Knowing God:  Another classic on getting to know God. 

The God Chasers:  The experience of pursuing God. 

God Attachment:  Recent research on attachment theory as it applies to God.

The Christians Secret to a Happy Life:  A classic on the protection of God. 

The Spiritual Man:  One of the deepest books ever on understanding the spirit. 

Destined to Reign:  Recent best seller on the covenant, grace, and love of God. 

Unmerited Favor:  Explains the grace of God in a way that sets you free.

The Power of Right Believing: Overcoming fear, guilt and addiction by understanding the unmerited favor and love of God for us based on what Christ has already accomplished on the cross.

The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread:  The New Covenant as revealed in the old. 

The Triumphant Church: The key to victory in spiritual warfare. 

The 5 Love Languages of God:  Just as we relate to humans with different love languages we also can relate to God in different love languages. 

Bible Faith Study Course:  Kenneth Hagin on the subject of faith.  




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