RES696 Individual Counseling and Life Coach Practicum Syllabus

LOGOS equivalent course numbers:

     Undergraduate: RES496 Practicum

     Graduate: RES696 Masters Practicum


Course Description: This course provides actual counseling/coaching supervision and practice. It can be completed via E-mail as you begin counseling/coaching in your church or with friends. 


Forms Needed for RES696 Individual Practicum
Includes Intake, Informed concent, Problem Assessment, and Progress Notes Forms.
Word of Life Counseling Center Forms 201
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1. For counseling practicum you must complete at least 30 face to face contact hours counseling at least 3 clients and Email supervision sessions with one of our  experienced counselors. For life coaching certification you must complete at least 15 hours coaching with 2 clients and Email supervision sessions with one of our experienced coaches. This supervision will be provided E-mail with a supervisor at Word of Life Institute as an individual or a group.


2. Write a 3 page paper discussing what you have learned through your counseling/coaching experience.


3. For counseling write a 5 page paper outlining what you did to implement the 10 step counseling process from Transformation! in the life of one of your clients. For life coaching write a 5 page paper outlining what you did to implement the 12 step coaching method taught in the Mentoring and Life Coaching class. Make sure to explain your rationale and methods.


4. Provide one video of one of your counseling/coaching sessions of your counseling sessions to your supervisor for review. Make sure that you request in writing the client's permission to record the session and include that permission form with your tape. This video takes the place of the final examination for this course.


5. Submit your papers and video to Word of Life Institute for grading via E-mail at


Note:  Only purchase practcum supervision below if you are pursuing a certification one course at a time and need to begin your practicum.


Counseling supervision by E-mail $200.00  

Life coaching supervision by E-mail $100.00 

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