CNS831 Addictions Recovery According to the Bible for Slovakia in English and Slovak


       Undergraduate: CNS431 Addictions Counseling

       Graduate: CNS831 Addictions Counseling



Course Description: This course provides the tools necessary for counseling addictions including the basic Christian model of addictions Samson, the Christian 12 Steps, denial, shame, self-worth, significance, love and security, and dying to self--all the ingredients specified by the need model of the Bible.


Text Book: Conquering Chemical Dependency by McGee and McCleskey

Lesson 1:  Samson Model of Addictions

2.  Denial

lesson 3. Dying to Self

Lesson 4. Self-Worth

Lesson 5. Significance

Lesson 6: Love

Lesson 7: Security

Lesson 8: Shame

Lesson 9: The Christian 12 Steps

Lesson 10: Codependency



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