The Best Books on Emotions

In our experience the following books are the best on handling emotions.   

Transformation:  Book has four chapters on Bible models for overcoming dominating emotions including Hurts, wounds, and scares, depression, grief, and suicide.

The Freedom from Depression Workbook:  Has a excelten quick survey and methods for treating depression.

The Battlefield of the Mind:  Classic by Joyce Meyers.

Be Anxious for Nothing:  Also by Joyce but for dealing with anxiety.

Living Beyond Feelings:  Feelings do not have to dominate you. 

Managing Your Emotions:  You can manage your emotions. 

Do yourself a Favor...Forgive:  You can learn to forgive:

Helping People Through Grief:  You will live through grief. 

Choosing to Forgive Workbook:  Forgiveness is a Choice.

The Power of Right Believing: Overcoming fear, guilt and addiction by understanding the unmerited favor and love of God for us based on what Christ has already accomplished on the cross.




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