About Word of Life Counseling Training Institute


The mission of Word of Life counseling Training Institute is to train biblically sound Christian Counselors to help a  hurting world through Christ.


Word of LIfe Counseling Training Institute was begun as a natural progression following the establishment of Word of Life Church and Word of Life Counseling Center.  Word of Life Church was established in the late 1980's but struggled until Pastor Rob Rotola became pastor in 1989.  In 1991 Pastor Troy Reiner who founded Victory Chapel Outreach and Counseling Center agreed to merge his church with Word of Life because God had revealed to both pastors that they could do more for the Kingdom of God working together.  Pastor Reiner was a trained counselor with a Masters Degree in Psychology, Counseling, and Guidance from the University of Northern Colorado who was working on his Education Specialist Degree with emphasis in Marriage and Family counseling at Wichita State University, he founded Word of Life Counseling Center.  As the center grew and support groups, a domestic violence program and a licensed Drug and Alcohol outpatient clinic were added, it became apparent that they would need a constant inflow of trained Bible-based counselors and support group leaders.

Because they were unable to find in-depth Bible-based training in the local area it was determined that a local training area would have to be established at Word of Life. They made contact Logos Christian College and Graduate School which at that time was establishing a network of church-based ministry training schools and Pastor Reiner began work on his Doctors Degree In Christian Counseling.   

Faith Therapy Curriculum

Faith Therapy Curriculum was developed over a period of years based on the Faith Therapy methodology but expanded to cover all of the most important topics commonly encountered in the church counseling and life coaching environment. It provides both self-help resources for individuals and college curriculum for effectively training Christian counselors and Bible-based life coaches.

Not only has this curriculum proven to be very easy to teach and implement in churches, but it has proven to be an extremely effective and appropriate means of evangelism in this culture and may be applicable as missions in other cultures. All of our methodology directly includes evangelism since without salvation by faith the best that counseling can do is make more effective participants for the rat race of life and does nothing to prepare them for eternity.   



Faith Therapy outreaches include allowing everyone to watch our video classes for free, assisting students in starting their own counseling center or training institute, and presenting Faith Therapy seminars worldwide.  Our overseas seminars have been presented in Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, twice in India and most recently in Slovakia.




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