Degree Completion for Life Christian University

Life Christian University students can complete their 4th year counseling classes and practicum toward a Bachelor's Degree in Christian counseling online through this website.  

Degrees from Logos University

All courses and our entire Bible-based degree curriculum can be taken as credit toward a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Christian Counseling through LOGOS University. For more specific requirements for each degree select from the drop down menu.




LOGOS and Word of Life Counseling Training Institute classes and materials are available to anyone wishing to use them. However, those wishing to obtain a LOGOS degree and actually counsel other persons as part of their supervised practicum must meet certain qualifications.


1. Have a personal committed relationship with Jesus Christ

2. Attend church at least weekly and be submitted to a local church pastor

3. Be reasonably mature in their Christian walk.

4. Have reasonable sobriety if they have a history of addictive or codependent behavior.

5. Respect differing Christian viewpoints.

6. Maintain a good reputation as a Christian in doctrine, speech, and behavior.


LOGOS and Word of Life Institute retain the right to deny acceptance to this counseling program and withhold the granting of counseling degrees to those they feel are not qualified to counsel others for reasons deemed adequate.



To be considered for admission, all students are required to submit the following to Word of Life Institute who will forward it to Logos University:

1.     Application for Admission, completed in its entirety.

2.     Cover letter stating the student’s educational, spiritual goals and any points of special interest that should be considered by the admissions committee.

3.     Comprehensive secular and religious resume that includes education, employment, secular and religious seminars attended, church work experience, special training, etc.

4.     Completed Life Experience and Advanced Standing forms if applicable.

5.     At the time of application, unofficial copies of transcripts from previous learning institutes can be submitted, however, before graduation, original official transcripts will be required to be sent directly to Logos University. It is best to request those from the relevant institutions at the time the applications package is being assembled. of degrees, awards, certificates, etc.

7.     $100.00 non-refundable Application and graduation Fee.

8.     2” x 2” snapshot.

After receipt of this application package, Logos University will ascertain proficiency to determine placement in the highest degree program possible, and provide the student with an evaluation letter outlining his/her course of study for the major he/she has chosen.

In order to apply for college credit with the LOGOS Educators Network you must:

1. Apply for admission ($100) and be accepted to LOGOS University. If you are not intending to pursue a degree in Christian counseling indicate that on the undergraduate application form. If you wish to obtain a degree you must submit all the information required for a evaluation. Scan and E-mail the entire application package to or mail it to: Word of Life Institute, 3811 N. Meridian Avenue, Wichita, Kansas. To avoid confusion do not mail it directly to LOGOS. You can pay the admission and evaluation fees below.

Pay LOGOS admission and evaluation fee Total $100.00

2. When you receive your evaluation, LOGOS will list the number of credits required to complete your degree, the entire cost for that degree, and offer to finance it by paying a certain amount each month. They will also give a list of classes to take. This list does not apply to our students. You will take our courses instead. If you do not choose to accept this plan, you will be required to pay the required tuition fees prior to each class. As of 2016, these fees are $100 per undergraduate credit hour ($300 per course) and $125 per graduate credit hour ($375 per course). 

Pay for one Bachelor's course at a time $300.00

Pay for one Master's course at a time $375.00



We offer these courses to meet the needs of our students and to make the completion of this program as expeditious as possible. Of course, undergraduate course numbers should be substituted for the undergraduate program.


CNS530 Introduction to Christian Counseling

CNS631 Effective Counseling Skills

CNS632 Counseling Paradigms

PSY701 Introduction to Psychopathology

CNS531 Biblical Counseling

CNS731 Marriage and Family Counseling

THE702 New Covenant Counseling

            BBS500 Practice Management

RES696 Individual Practicum

PTH605 Spiritual Formation

PTH512 Mentoring/Coaching

CNS832 Healing the Inner Man

CNS634 Counseling Codependency

CNS831 Addictions Counseling

CNS833 Counseling Domestic Violence

ECM510 Evangelism and Spiritual Issues

CNS732 Group Counseling

CNS641 Advanced Counseling Skills


Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. 1 John 4:11



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