Faith Therapy Video Courses for Credit

If You Only Watch Our Free Video Courses You Will Not Receive Credit.

On the course syllabus pages of this website listed on the drop down  menu you may, using the video screens provided, watch 20  of our Faith Therapy counseling courses presented in our resident classroom program in 2007-2014 at Word of Life Counseling Training Institute for free.  We present this information for free:  


1. To give you an opportunity to significantly increase your knowledge of the Bible, especially as it applies to the lives and healing of struggling and hurting people.

2. For personal growth in your Christian walk and to help you become more effective in your ministry.

3. To provide additional training for pastors to supplement the counseling and ministry training they received in Bible school or seminary.

4. To provide free training in the Faith Therapy modality for support group leaders, lay counselors, and professional Christian counselors.  In order to receive full certification credit for taking a course you must read the text books, write the papers and take the final exam and pay the appropriate fee.  For video or continuing education credit you only need to take the final examination and pay the appropriate fee.  See the options lower on this page. 

5. To allow you to take courses of interest to you on an individual basis and later upgrade them for credit toward one of our certifications by paying the fees. This is not for college credit.  For college credit you must apply and be accepted by Logos University.  See the Degree page.

6. To allow those interested in becoming a Christian counselor, minister or Bible-based Life Coach to sample the quality of our courses used in residence, DVD, and E-school programs.

7. To provide the video classes to teach support group leaders, start lay counseling programs, and church-based Christian counseling training programs. 


Upgrade Courses for Credit

Video Courses for Continuing Education Credit.  $25.00  To obtain credit that you have viewed a specific counseling training course or to receive a continuing education credit certificate you must view the videos and take the final exam. This is not full course credit toward a certification or degree.  Although our courses have been accepted for CEU's in Kansas please ensure that they are acceptable to your Behavioral Sciences Board before applying.  Once you have passed the test, we will E-mail you a CEU certificate for 7.5 CEU's per course. 

7.5 hours Continuing Education Credit per Video Course  $25.00

Taking a course for credit.  You must read the text books, complete two papers and a final examination if you want verification that you have completed one of our courses.  After paying the course fee and submitting your papers an instructor will grade your papers, send you a final exam, record your grades for you, place a copy in our files, and E-mail your grades to you with their comments. These courses can be upgraded toward a certification or degree within one year. However, if possible we strongly suggest you pay the full fee for the certification initially ($600 including books and supervision) because it also includes the assistance of a life coach to help you complete your certification and achieve your calling as you progress through the program.  The Email address for submitting papers and tests is  Below is the download of the certification application for upgrading courses that you have taken for credit.

Word of Life Institute Certification Application
This is the application for all Word of Life Institute Certifications.
Word of Life Counseling Training Institu
Microsoft Word Document 13.8 KB

Take one Course for Credit $50.00

Counseling Certification Supervision  $200

Coaching Certification Supervision  $100

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