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A Video Introduction to Faith Therapy 

The desperate need for Christian support groups, counseling, and life coaching training.

Christian counseling is desparte needed in the Church.
The need for Christ

America and much of the world is becoming biblically illiterate and it is having an affect on our society.  Nearly one-half of marriages end in divorce, at least one-fourth of the women have been sexually or physically abused, at least one-fourth of the members of our society are codependent, and one out of ten are chemically dependent.  Almost everyone knows someone who is in desperate need of help. Unfortunately, these statistics apply in the church as well as in society. Consequently, every Christian needs at least a basic knowledge of how to effectively help these hurting people, and every church needs at least a pastor who is also qualified to counsel, a certified or degreed counselor to assist him with long term difficult cases, support groups, and a Bible-based life coach to help members of the congregation find and fulfill their callings.

There are four levels of Christian counseling training:

A. Basic counseling is appropriate for every Christian. It is provided free through the video courses on this website. 

B. Certification provides a higher level of training and practical Christian counseling experience for pastors, support group leaders, lay counselors, addictions counselors, marriage and family counselors and life coaches who feel called to these ministries. For more information select the Certifications link on this page. 

Obtaining a college degree from Logos Christiatn College.
Obtaining a counselig degree

C. A Christian bachelor's and master's degrees are for those called to a part or full time paid counseling position in the church. A state license is not required to do Christian counseling as an ordained or licensed minister or as part of an official program of a church. Unless you are an ordained pastor a degree is required in most cases to obtain counseling liability insurance, a necessity to cover yourself if counseling fees are charged. Life coaches do not usually require liability insurance to charge fees. For more information select the College Degree link on this page.

D. A state counseling license can only be obtained through secular counseling training to obtain at least a master's degree at a regionally accredited university or college. You must meet the requirements of your state of residence so that you can accept third party health insurance payments for your services to clients. Of course, additional Christian counseling training should also be obtained in order to effectively counsel in a church environment.

There are three basic methods of obtaining counseling training.

A. In residence or on-site training. Basic counseling certification courses are offered online all year for the convenience of even our residence students online. However, discussion and supervision for practicums is available at Word of Life Church North on Wednesday nights from 8:15 pm to 9:30 pm throughout the year.  Residence training is most ideal because you have direct access to the instructors and we can provide face-to-face supervision, counseling experience, counseling facilities and clients at Word of Life Counseling Center and church.  All courses can be taken for a certification or bachelor's or master's degree. For more information select the Certifications, College Degree, or Scholarship links on the top of this page. If you would like more information on our residence program or a free brochure call 316-619-5589 or E-mail us at 


Residence students at Work Of Life Counseling Training Institute
Residence students
Couses via DVDs and books
DVDs and Books

B. By home study using DVDs, flash drives, or MP3s. All of our courses can be taken at home by purchasing the courses on DVD's, flash drives, or by downloading MP3s. These courses were video taped during actual in-residence class sessions. The drawbacks to this type of study is that you must ask questions via Email or phone, you must find some way to provide your own clients, and if you cannot attend our in-residence supervision sessions or find a qualified counselor near your location to supervise you, individual supervision must be provided via E-mail at There is an additional charge for individual supervision. The advantage is that you can take courses at any time to fit your schedule even if you do not have high-speed Internet access.


C. On-line. Almost all of our classes are also available on-line. The only course not currently provided on-line on this website is Healing the Inner Man because Theophostic Prayer Ministry materials are copyrighted and are not yet available on-line at this time by that organization. However, this course can be taken via DVD. Again, the disadvantages of this type of study is that you miss out on the class discussion, you must find some way to provide your own clients, and if you cannot attend our in-residence supervision sessions or find a qualified counselor near your location to supervise you, individual supervision must be provided via E-mail at  There is an additional charge for individual supervision. The advantage is that you can take courses at any time to fit your schedule.


Our Basic training on Christian Counseling is provided by The Just Shall Live by Faith Series of books and video courses.

This book explains Faith Therapy--using faith to to resolve basic counseling issues.
Faith Therapy Book

Faith Therapy--Understanding salvation by faith and resolving deeply-rooted problems. This book and course provide a psychological understanding of the process of salvation by faith, winning the trial of your faith, how to increase faith, how to assess faith, and how to apply it to meet your deepest needs for self-worth, significance, security, and love. It includes models for conquering the common problems of low self-image, pride, selfish desires, strife, fear, spiritual oppression, lust, and for developing healthy attachment. It is easily taught and applied in churches because it is completely based on the Bible.

Purchase one Faith Therapy book direct $18.43

This book deals with complex counseling models and issues.
Transformation Book

Transformation!--Biblical Models for counseling some of Life's most difficult and complex problems in the church. This book and course contains many new insights including a comprehensive plan for Christian counseling derived directly from the Bible, in-depth biblical answers for complex psychological problems based on the types and shadows interpretation of biblical stories, models and quick reference guides for counseling 20 of the most difficult problems in the church today including inferiority, abandonment, dysfunctional families, setting boundaries, six types of codependency, abuse, four types of addictions, bitterness, depression, grief, and suicide.



Purchase one Transformation book direct $18.57

This book deals with the eight steps to spiritual maturity.
Revelations Book

Revelations That Will Set You Free--An eight step road map for spiritual growth. This book and course material includes a summary of biblical growth models and Old and New Testament revelations of the character of God, a comprehensive explanation of each of the eight steps of spiritual growth found in 2 Peter Chapter 1: Faith, for salvation; Virtue, making Jesus Lord; Knowledge, learning I cannot keep the law; Self-control through grace, Perseverance by knowing who I am in Christ; Godliness allowing Christ to live His life through me, Brotherly Kindness, letting Jesus love His bothers through me: and Love, letting Jesus be Himself through me.  It also provides a model from the Bible demonstrating how each step is achieved so you can grow spiritually toward Christian maturity.

Purchase one Revelations book direct $18.43

This book explains how to use biblical principles to build counseling plans.
Principles Book

Principles for Life--Using biblical principles to resolve problems not directly addressed in the Bible. This book and course explains 44 of the most important principles in the Bible from a psychological perspective and provides an in-depth method for developing counseling plans using biblical principles for common psychological problems based on Proverbs Chapter 3. This material includes a discussion of 13 classical methods of biblical change, a new model for understanding the human heart called "The Train of Psychological Wholeness," and techniques for applying biblical principles in counseling. It includes counseling plans and methods for treating anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions, compulsions, sexual abuse, domestic violence, marital problems, and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Purchase one Principles book direct $18.86

You may also purchase these books through by selecting the book below. By purchasing books through this website at you are also supporting this ministry.  



Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. 1 John 4:11

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          We have loaded our newest course "Addiction Recovery According to the Bible" just recorded in Slovakia in English with Slovak interpretation.  It is entitled "Additions for Slovakia." The Lord led us to do this for the Roma Gypsies in Slovakia but we believe is the purest all Bible method of addition recovery yet and it is set up so that it can be easily re-interpreted into other languages.  We believe the Lord really gave us some breakthroughs here. Watch it and let us know what you think.  To watch these new videos click here.

      Logos has raised their application fee to $100, Undergraduate tuition to $100 and Graduate Tuition to $125.

Of course, students currently under contract paying Logos directly will not be affected by this increase.

       We have now added programs for helping churches start support groups, lay counseling, counseling centers, and counseling training centers.  Also note the new options page that provides a chart showing all of our training options. 

      In order to improve the number of students actually completing certification programs we are now offering free life coaching assistance to help you reach your goal. 

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"I can't even begin to explain the importance and value these classes have played in my life."