Developing Country Scholarships

Students from Developing Countries

These scholarships are offered based on need to students from countries where the per capita income is below $5000 per year because we realize that even the small fees we charge are prohibitive for most members of these societies. We also realize that it is in these countries that salvation-based Christian counseling is most needed. Therefore, we offer scholarships for up to 60% which is at or below our cost as a missionary outreach on certifications.


You must apply via E-mail to for these scholarships.  Please do not select and pay for one of the following options until you have E-mailed us and have been awarded a scholarship. The fees cited do not include shipping.



Scholarship/Certification Application
Application for WOLCTI Scholarship Certification Program
Word of Life Counseling Training Institu
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Complete scholarship online certification program including books $200 per certification (plus shipping)




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