Addictions Counseling Certification

This certification is for those not ordained or licensed as a minister who want to assist their pastor in doing the long-term counseling dealing with addictions that he and other staff members do not have the training or time to accomplish. 


 Almost all counseling requires a secular state license as a licensed psychologist, professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, or addictions counselor.  However, most states and countries also exempt pastoral and Christian counseling if it is done by a Pastor, licensed minister or as an official program of a church (or sometimes even a non-profit agency.)    Charging fees for counseling necessitates obtaining liability insurance.  In order to obtain professional liability insurance  most insurance carriers will require  proof you are ordained, a  licensed minister. or have a degree in a mental health field.   If you do not intend to charge a fee for your counselling, you can cover your counseling  under your general church liability policy.



1. Purchase the correct certification package below and read the text books.

2. Attend each required course in residence, by watching the videos on o your DVD or on the class webpage. After completion, each assignment should be sent via E-mail to for grading. Your final examination for the class will be sent to you when your last paper for that course is returned. Complete the final exam by underlining the correct answers and return it. Select the hyperlink below for the course syllabuses, course requirements, and E-school videos.


Faith Therapy

Group Counseling/Facilitating Support Groups


Counseling Addictions   (You might wish to substitute this course in Slovak, Swahili, or Arabic or use it for a court ordered 8 hour addictions education program.

Counseling Codependency                                                                                                                             

Group Practicum


 3. When the courses are satisfactorily completed, you will be enrolled in a group counseling practicum where you will be required to complete at least 15 hours of support group counseling and discuss your counseling with one of our qualified supervisors by E-mail (being careful to ensure client confidentiality). As part of your practicum you will receive coaching yourself to help you start an effective addictions counseling ministry.


4. After you compete this supervised counseling you will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Reiner verifying that you have completed the required training and supervision, and are now certified as a addictions counselor.  


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Add the Flash Drive Home Study Counseling Training and Certification package (5 books, flash drive, and Email supervision) to your shopping cart for a donation of $750.

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