CNS631 Effective Counseling and Coaching Skills

LOGOS equivalent course numbers:

Undergraduate: CNS321 Effective Counseling Skills

Graduate: CNS631 Effective Influencing Skills


Course Description: Teaches basic counseling skills, analysis methods, and counseling ethics. Prepares the student with the skills necessary to begin counseling. Required prior to practicum or lay counseling and as part of all certifications or degrees. 


Text Books: Basic Attending Skills by Allen Ivey, Norma Packard, and Mary Ivey


AACC Ethics by The American Association of Christian Counselors (Download for free at

Additional Text book: Leadership Coaching by Stolztus (Not required for counseling certifications)

(Alternative Text book to replace Basic Attending Skills for Life Christian University: Why Don't We Listen Better?)


Additional Graduate Textbook: Why Don't We Listen Better?


1. Read and complete the assigned chapters prior to watching the video for that lesson. Highlight any important passages in the textbooks.

2. Watch each video while referencing the book and take any additional notes not covered in the textbooks. Prepare for the open book final examination.

3. Write a 5 page paper expanding on a particular issue or skill discussed in this class. Do not just repeat back what you have learned but gather additional information from the Bible or other resources. Cite at least 3 additional references.

4. Write a 3 page paper on an ethical issue that you feel will be critical to your counseling. Do not just repeat back what you have learned but gather additional information from the Bible or other resources.

5. For graduate credit, students are required to write an additional 5 page paper on how they have or would plan and conduct a complete counseling session using the methods taught in this class. Cite at least 3 additional references other than the Bible.

6. Take the open book test that will be E-mailed to you when you have completed the papers. You may use your notes, book, or the DVDs for reference. 

7. Submit your papers and final examination via E-mail at to Word of Life Institute for grading.  

Lesson 1: Learning to Attend - Read and complete BAS Chapters 1-2.

Lesson 2: Questioning and Clarifying - Read and complete BAS Chapters 3-4.

Lesson 3: Observation Skills and Responding to Feelings - Read and complete BAS Chapter 5.

Lesson 4: Summarizing - Read and complete BAS Chapters 6-7.

Lesson 5: Methods of Confrontation

Lesson 6: Connecting

Lesson 7: Analysis Methods

Lesson 8: The Counseling Integration and Planning

Lesson 9: Introduction to Ethical Issues - Read the first half of the AACC Ethics Code.

Lesson 10: AACC and Coaching Ethical Code - Read the second half of the AACC Code.




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