PTH512 Mentoring/Life Coaching Syllabus

LOGOS equivalent course numbers:

     Undergraduate: PTH112 Mentoring/Coaching


     Graduate: PTH512 Mentoring/Coaching



Course Description: This course provides an overview of Bible-based coaching methods and techniques. Models for coaching are derived directly from the Bible. The text book Christian Coaching gives an overview of the field of coaching and Leadership Coaching discusses the methods and skills.


Text Books: Christian Coaching by Gary Collins

Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus

Graduate Text Books: The Business and Practice of Coaching by Grodski and Allen

Additional Optional Text Book: The Call Journey by Tony Stoltzfus

Bible-based Life Coaching Forms
This download provides the coaching outline, background information, mission planning, and coach ethics forms needed for this course.
PTH215 Bible-based coaching forms.doc
Microsoft Word Document 56.0 KB




1.  First read and underline important passages and insights in the textbooks Christian Coaching and Leadership Coaching.    


2.  Watch each video or DVD and take additional notes. 


3.  Write a 3 page paper expanding on a self-analysis (SWOT) and mission statement for your life. 


4.  Write a 5 page paper applying what you have learned as you have coached someone else.  Make sure to discuss and give examples of all 12 steps in the coaching process.  Do addition research on the particular type of coaching you are doing and cite at least 3 additional references.


5.  For graduate credit, students are required to write another 5 page paper discussing how they will develop their coaching practice in a local church.  Include the proposal that you would present to convince your pastor to start a coaching program in the church, how you would integrate it into the church, and how you would market the coaching program.  Do additioanl research and cite at least 3 additional references.



6.  Take the open book test that will be sent to you after you have completed the papers.  You may use your notes, book, or the DVDs for reference.


7.  Submit your papers and final examination to Word of Life Institute for grading by Email. 


Lesson 1: Christian Coaching Overview--Discusses the different viewpoints as to what coaching is and what it is not. Provides an overview of this field, the need for Bible-based coaching, and how it

Lesson 2: Models for Ministry Coaching—Develops a twelve-step approach to coaching from the models of Elisha, Gehazi, and Samuel.

Lesson 3: Models for Leadership Coaching—Explains the differences in executive, leadership, and business coaching from the models of Joash, Moses, and Joseph.

Lesson 4: Life Coaching—Provides an overall picture of Life Coaching from the model of Jesus in Luke and examines the skills needed to become a good coach.

Lesson 5: Dreaming—Discusses in-depth the first four steps to coaching—Establishing the relationship, self-evaluation, finding the dream, and counting the cost.

Lesson 6: Planning—Explains how to develop a mission plan to move the client from where they are to where they hope to be.

Lesson 7: Supporting—Discusses how to encourage, support, and assist the client in accomplishing his dream.

Lesson 8: Specialized Coaching--Teaches biblical methods for specific areas of life coaching and competencies necessary to be an effective coach.

Lesson 9: Resources—Discusses situational coaching and provides a number of methods for spiritual gift assessments, talents, passions, and forms for use as a coach. (Resources are currently being updated but not online yet)

Lesson 10: Marketing—Discusses coaching ethics and suggests a number of ways to begin a coaching practice, find your niche, and become a successful coach.



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