Frequently Asked Questions

           Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive by Email or phone and their answers.

Is everything offered on this website free?

         On this website we offer any and all of our video courses completely free.  You can watch 200 videos without any charge at all.  However, because taking the courses toward certifications and degrees requires us to grade your papers and tests and provide counseling practicum supervision we must charge a fee for those services.  In addition, because our college degrees are provided by Logos University we must charge their normal fees for courses taken toward their degrees.

If I want to take just a course for credit or for Continuing Education Credit, how do I get started.

        If you want to take a course for credit select the Courses for Credit navigation button on the top of this page.  That page will provide more information on how to do this, the ability to download a certification application used to pay for a certification one course at a time, pay for an individual course, or purchase continuing education credits.


1.  To pay for one course at a time; after buying and reading the text book(s), watching the videos and writing the required papers; pay the $50 fee and send your papers to and we will send you the final examination. After passing the test you will be sent a certificate of completion for that course.  You may use the courses you complete toward a certification or degree within one year of you date of completing the course.

2.  For continuing education credit after you watch the videos and pay the fee ($25), we will send you the test for that course.  When you pass the test, you will be sent a letter of completion for 7.5 hours of continuing education training.

If I want to take courses for a certification, how do I get started?

         There are two ways to complete a certification: 


1.  You can pay the full fee for the certification on the certification page.  ($600 for counseling certifications and $500 for Coaching certifications).  In this case, you will be paying for the entire program including all of the required books, syllabuses, assignments, tests, grading and practicum supervision.  All this and your certification application will be included in the package you will receive.  As a bonus we offer online coaching and advice to help you get your practice going if you need the help.


2.  For those who are unable to pay the entire fee upfront, we allow you to pay one course at a time ($50).  On our Course for Credit or Scholarship page you can download and Email us your certification application.  You will have to buy the required books from us or through or some other bookstore since they are not included.  Based on the online syllabus, after reading the books and watching the videos,  write the required papers and Email them to us at for grading.  When you finish the last paper and pay the course fee of $50, we will send you the final exam for that course.  After you pass the test you can go on to the next course.  After you complete all of the required courses you need to pay the practicum  supervision fee ($200 for counseling and $100 for coaching) and begin your supervised practical experience. When all the requirements are met you will receive your certificate by mail.    

If I want to take courses toward a degree, how do I get started?

        To get started to take courses for a degree first download the correct undergraduate or graduate application available on that degree page and send it to us with any transcripts from previous college courses you want considered.  After paying the application fee on that degree page if you are accepted to Logos University and you will receive a letter of acceptance from Logos University telling you how many  courses you will need take and the overall cost for that degree.  Based on the program requirements you will take those courses from us and we will  forward your grades to Logos University.  When complete you will receive your degree directly from Logos University.

Do you offer any scholarships?

       Yes we do.  Our scholarship programs for students from more advanced countries is provided by allowing students to pay one course at a time.  For students from developing countries with a per capita income below $5000 per year, we offer our programs at or near our cost.  Please see the scholarship page.

How do I purchase the text books for each course?

       You may buy the text books written by Dr. Reiner directly from us on our Bookstore/Our Books Direct.

How can I access the information from your books and videos by topic when I need it?

        To access the information from Dr. Reiner's books and videos by topic, select the By Topic button above.

How can I obtain a website brochure?

       To obtain more information about what we offer in written from, you can download a brochure on our Contact page.



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