CNS832 Theophostic Prayer Ministry I, II (TransformationPrayer)

Equivalent Logos course numbers:

     Undergraduate:  CNS432 Healing the Inner Man, CNS241 Advanced Skills 

     Graduate:  CNS832 Healing the Inner Man, CNS641 Advanced Skills 


Course Description:

Theophostic Prayer Ministry is one of the most effective Christian methods for healing past hurts and trauma.  It functions by identifying what the person originally thought about the past event (the lie) and asking the Holy Spirit to show them the truth.  Because of the length of the DVD training which takes at least two trimesters of study it is considered a 6 credit hour course. It has now been reorganized and given a new name by the author Transformation Prayer.


It is now available online at



1. Take the online classes as provided by transformation prayer.  


2. Watch each video while referencing the book, fill out the workbook and take any additional notes not covered in the textbook.  Prepare for the open book final examination taken online on the Theophostic website.


3. Write a 3 page paper on how does Theophostic Prayer Ministry work? Tell what experiences you have had providing or receiving Theophostics.  


4. Write a 5 page paper applying Theophostic Prayer Ministry to a particular counseling situation as described in the book. Although reporting on work with an actual client is encouraged (keeping the identity confidential), the student may discuss how he or she would apply these techniques to his or her own life or to helping a friend.  Do additional research on the subject with at least three references other than the Bible.


5. For graduate credit, students are required to write an additional 5 page paper on how they would integrate Theophostic prayer Ministry with his or her theory of counseling.  Be sure to answer the question as to how the Theophostic Prayer Ministry would be used in treating specific psychological problems.  How would the body, flesh, soul, and spirit be affected? Use Bible verses to defend your position.  Cite at least three additional references.


6. Submit your papers to grade to Word of Life Institute for grading at 




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