The Best Books on Codependency

In our experience the following books are the best on codependency and recovery from different types of codependency. 

Transformation:  This book has the most in-depth overview of codependency, six chapters on the different types of codependency and biblical models for each. 

Conquering Codependency:  This is the classical 12 steps program for codependency with associated Bible verses and is the best for support groups.  It is the best for the  Dependent Rescuer and the Independent Worldly Success types of codependency. (This book may be purchased cheaper directly from the publisher at

Untangling Relationships:  This book delves deeper into the relation aspects of codependency and is the best alternative for Dependent Rescuers.

Love is a Choice:  This is the classic book on codependency and is best for the Dependent Passive type. 

Love is a choice workbook: This is the companion workbook for the Love is a Choice book.

Boundaries:  This is the classic method for addressing the extremes of codependency.

Boundaries Workbook:  This is the companion workbook for the Boundaries Book.

Experincing God Workbook:  Although this is a spiritual growth work book it is the best treatment for the Responsibility Avoidant type of codependency. 

Codependent No More:  This is the classic first secular book on codependency.

Codependent No More Workbook.  This is the companion workbook for Codependent No More.



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