Best Books on Addictive Behavior and Recovery

In our expereince the following books are the best on addictions and recovery from different types of addictions.  Links to are provided for each book for more information and purchase.


Transformation:  Three chapters on Bible models about addictions.

At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry:  Recovery from sexual addiction by a recovered addict.

When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart: Recovery for the wives of sexual addicts by the wife of the author of AT the Alter of sexual idolatry.

Conquering Chemical Dependency:  The best Christian 12 step workbook on recovery from alcohol and drug addictions with Bible verses.

The Final Freedom:  By another recovered sexual addict with a focus on sexual reprogramming.

Freedom from Addiction:  Using your position in Christ to overcome addictions for those with a good biblical foundation.

Freedom from Addiction Workbook:  Companion workbook for Frredom from Addictions.

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addictions:  Previously titled Faithful and True.  Again by a sexually addicted pastor who recovered. 

Overcoming Addictive Behavior:  Another book by Neil Anderson on addictions.

Preventing Homosexuality:  A book for parents from the best known author on the subject of Homosexuality.

Out of Egypt:  Deliverance from the Lesbian Lifestyle.

Into the Promised Land:  Life after the Lesbian Lifestyle.

Repartaive Therapy for Male Homosexuals:  The classic therory book on the recovery from homosexuality.

Homosexual No More: Recovery from Homosexuality through Christ

When You Love Too Much:  Classic book on romance, relationship, and sexual addiction.

Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims:  The most definatve book on treating pedophiles.

The Power of Right Believing: Overcoming fear, guilt and addiction by understanding the unmerited favor and love of God for us based on what Christ has already accomplished on the cross.




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