Addictions Training for India

LOGOS Equivalent Course Numbers

  Undergraduate:  CNS431 Addictions Counseling

  Graduate:  CNS831 Addictiions Counseling


Course Description:  This is an overview course combining all the fundamental information needed in order to understand and counsel addictions which was originally produced in India as it applies to that culture.    


Text Book:  Conquering Chemical Dependency by McGee and McCleskey


Additional Grauduate Text Book:  Freedom from Addictions by Neil Anderson



1. First read and fill out the workbook, underline important passages and insights in Conquering Chemical Dependency.

2. Watch each DVD and take any additional notes. Prepare for the open book final


3. Write a 5 page paper on a particular type of chemical dependency such as addiction to alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, heroine, marijuana, or tobacco. Use your Bible or additional resources to expand on what you have already learned citing at lest 3 additional sources.

4. Write 3 page paper on how you used or would use the Christian 12-step method to help someone overcome a chemical dependency. Discuss particularly how you would use each of the 12 steps.

5. For graduate credit students are required to write an additional 5 page paper on how you have or would use the additional addiction counseling models material in the videos to increase the effectiveness of the 12 step program citing at lest 3 additional references.

6. Take the open book test that will be E-mailed to you fter you complete the papers.  You may use your notes, book, or the DVDs for reference.

7. Submit your papers and final examination to Word of Life Institute for grading via E-mail at

Lesson 1. Introduction

Lesson 2. Understanding Addictions in India

Lesson 3. Assessing Addictions

Class 4. The Sampson Model of Addictions

Lesson 5. Other Treatment Methods

Lesson 6. Self-worth and Self-esteem

Lesson 7. Significance

Lesson 8. Love and Attachment

Lesson 9. Security

Lesson 10. Codependency

Lesson 11. Need for Groups

Lesson 12. Group Dynamics

Lesson 13. Leading Your Group/Group Demonstration



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