ECM501 Evangelism and Spiritual Issues

LOGOS equivalent course numbers:

     Undergraduate: ECM 101 Evangelism

     Graduate: ECM 501 Evangelism


Course Description: This course studies the practical application of spiritual principles in evangelism, walking according to the Spirit, and manifesting Christ in our lives as pastors, counselors, or life coaches.


Text Books:

The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee

Additional Graduate Text Books: Evangelism Explosion by James D. Kennedy


Optional additional wideangle 5 DVD set: Practical Evangelism which includes 10 additional video classes giving more detailed information on using the Evangelism Explosion for street and nursing home evangelism. (See the DVD page.)



1. Read and underline important passages and insights in the textbookS.


2. Watch each DVD while referencing the book and take any additional notes not covered in the textbook. Prepare for the open book final examination.


3. Write a three page paper on your experiences trying to apply at least two of the methods of evangelism described in the class. Make at least one attempt to use the Evangelism Explosion methodology. Did the person accept Christ? If not, why not? What could you do better next time?


4. Write a a 5 page paper discussing your experiences as you have attempted to learn to walk according to the Spirit. Take at least one day in which you dedicate at least 4 hours practicing walking according to the Spirit. Then take at least one other complete day (preferably a week) where you are doing your normal daily work and allow Christ to manifest himself through you. How were these experiences different than your daily routine? Be honest. How successful were you in obtaining direction from God, obeying what you believe He directed you to do, relying on Him, and manifesting Christ in your life? What have you learned by these experiences that will help you walk more successfully in the Spirit in the future? Do additional research on the subject citing at least 3 references other that the Bible.


5. For graduate credit, students are required to write an additional 7 page paper concerning your union with Christ. Use what you have learned from Watchman Nee as a beginning point but study the Bible and other books on this subject on how to practically walk according to the Spirit, die to the flesh and the self-life, and manifest Christ in your life citing at least 3 additional references other than the Bible. Make sure that you quote your references and the Bible. What advice would you give to someone else on how to practically walk according to the Spirit? What will you do differently to manifest Christ in your own life?


6. Take the open book test that will be E-mailed to you after you have completed the papers.  You may use your notes, book, or the DVDs for reference.


7. Submit your papers and final examination to Word of Life Institute by E-mail at for grading.

Lesson 1: Models of Evangelism

Lesson 2: Evangelism Explosion – EE Chapters 1-6

Lesson 3: Evangelism in Counseling and Coaching – EE Chapters 7-16

Lesson 4: Spiritual Power. Spiritual Man--Part 1

Lesson 5: Conquering the flesh. Spiritual Man—Part 2

Lesson 6: Deliverance from the soul-life. Spiritual Man—Part 3

Lesson 7: Walking According to the Spirit. Spiritual Man—Parts 4

Lesson 8: Analysis of the spirit—Spiritual Man--Parts 5-6

Lesson 9: Analysis of the soul and body. Spiritual Man—Parts 7-9

Lesson 10: Spiritual Warfare in Counseling. Spiritual Man—Part 10



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