CNS632 Counseling Paradigms Syllabus

LOGOS equivalent course numbers:

Undergraduate: CNS232 Counseling Paradigms

Graduate: CNS632 Counseling Paradigms


Course Description: This course provides a comprehensive method for Christian counseling derived directly from the Bible and in-depth biblical answers for many of the more complex and difficult psychological problems faced in the church.


Text Book: Transformation! How Simple Bible Stories Provide In-Depth Answers for Life’s Most Difficult Problems by Dr. Reiner


Additional Graduate Text Book: Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend


1. First read and underline important passages and insights in the textbook Transformation!

2. Watch each DVD while referencing the book and take any additional notes not covered in the textbook.

3. Write a 3 page paper expanding on one of the complex problems discussed in this book. Use the Bible and additional counseling books on this topic. Cite at least 3 additional references.

4. Write 5 page paper applying one of the biblical models presented in this book to a particular client and problem. Although reporting on work with an actual client is encouraged (keeping the identity confidential), the student may discuss how they would apply this model to his or her own life or to helping a friend.

5. For graduate credit, students are required to write an additional 5 page paper developing a new model not discussed in this book. Find another biblical story, identify the psychological problem, and apply types and shadows interpretation to develop a model on how to counsel that problem. Use Wilson’s Dictionary of Bible Types and other references concerning the meaning of names and places. Cite at least 3 additional references.

6. Take the open book test which will be E-mailed to you when you have completed the papers. You may use your notes, book, or the DVDs for reference.

7. Submit your papers and final examination to Word of Life Institute for grading via E-mail.


Lesson 1: A Biblical Foundation – Discusses the need, a new source of biblical answers, and a narrative approach to counseling.

Lesson 2: A Comprehensive Model – Develops a ten-step approach to counseling from the exodus of Israel from Egypt.

Lesson 3: Low Self-worth – Provides models for recovery from feelings of inferiority and abandonment.

Lesson 4: Boundary Problems – Explains boundary problems and codependent dependence.

Lesson 5: Family Boundary Issues - the dysfunctional family, problems with children and injustice.

Lesson 6: Pursuing Prominence– Investigates codependent independence, chronic failure, and workaholism.

Lesson 7: Avoiding Fear– Explains how avoiding fear can lead to irresponsibility and a victim mentality.

Lesson 8: Abusive Relationships-- Discusses both the origins of abusive behavior and abuse recovery for the victim.

Lesson 9: Addictive Behavior – Explains addictive behavior, why it is so difficult to overcome, and the biblical solution for chemical, sexual, and eating addictions, and homosexuality.

Lesson 10: Dominating Emotions – Provides biblical models for recovery from hurts, wounds and scars, depression, grief, and suicidal ideation.



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