Life Christian University Master's Degree courses

          In cooperation with Life Christian University we provide those additional online counseling courses and practicum supervision for the completion of their Master's degree with an emphasis in Christian counseling.  You can pay for each course here individually which includes the cost of your books and your supervision and when you complete the entire program you will receive a certificate as a certified Christian Counselor.  Syllabuses, assignments and videos are available below for each course.  When you select and pay for a course you will receive the syllabus, assignments, text books and course test which will be mailed to you. Course papers and tests should be Emailed to


         When you have completed your first three courses you can begin your practicum. You will need to find clients to counsel at your location possibly at your church with the permission of your pastor . We will provide your supervision by Email as you send us your counseling session notes, being careful to maintain confidentiality, and we provide feedback and suggestions.  At the end of you practicum we will require a video of one of you sessions to verify your counseling ability (of course with a release from your client). 


         Please note that after completion of these counseling courses, LCU will charge a $65 reassessment fee to reopen your student record and transfer these credits from Word of Life Counseling Training Institute to Life Christian University. There will also be a $25 certificate fee for processing your Master's Degree.


2.  CNS631 Effective Counseling and Coaching Skills                       For LCU Credit $210 

3.  CNS632 Counseling Paradigms (Transformation!)                       For LCU Credit $210

4. CNS531 Biblical Counseling (Principles for Life)                            For LCU Credit $210

5.  CNS632 Group Counseling (Facilitating Support Groups)           For LCU Credit $210

6.  CNS634  Counseling Codependency                                              For LCU Credit $210

7.  CNS631 Marriage and Family Counseling                                      For LCU Credit $210

8.  CNS631 Counseling Addictions                                                       For LCU Credit $210

9.  PTH512 Mentoring/Coaching                                                          For LCU Credit $210

10. CNS833 Counseling Domestic Violence (Anger Management, DV, and Abuse) $210

11. RES696 Counseling Practicum including Supervision                 For LCU Credit $210

12. RES695 Group Practicum including Supervision                          For LCU Credit $210



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