Institute Flash Drive Video/Audio Files

Flash Drive Video Files can provide high quality SD, and even HD1080 quality video files which are much better than those available for download on  They can be projected directly from your computer for larger classes in MPEG4 format or MP3 for sound tracks, copied to your computer hard drive or MP3 player, or playing directly on your computer from the flash drive without the problems sometimes associated with handling DVDs. 

Flash Drive Video Files

We have reformated our classes into MPEG4. Because the price of flash drives has recently dropped we can now produce videos in higher quality in a more compact size, it now costs more to produce DVDs than to produce and store videos on flash drives.  In addition flash drives are one of the most reliable forms of media.  Below you can purchase anyone of our courses that have been reformatted for only $70 for high quality SD.  Faith Therapy and Transformation are currently available at even high quality HD1080 for $90.  When possible multiple orders will be placed on a single flash drive. 

Faith Therapy Video HD1080 files             $90

Transformation Video HD1080 Files        $90

Faith Therapy Video SD Files                      $70

Effective Counseling and Coaching Skills$70

Transformation Video SD Files                   $70

Revelation Video SD Files                            $70

Principles Video SD Files                             $70

Mentoring/Coaching SD Video Files          $70

Group Counseling/Facilitating Supt Gps   $70

Addictions Counseling SD video files        $70

Addictions Counseling Slovakia                 $70

Addictions Counseling Swahili                   $70

Codependency Counseling                          $70

Marriage and Family Counseling                 $70

Domestic Violence, Anger, and Abuse        $70

Practice Management SD video files         $70

Evangelism and Spiritual Issues                 $70

Covenant Counseling SD video Files          $70

Advanced Counseling Skills                         $70

Psychopathology/Abnormal Behavior        $70

All Pastoral or Lay Certification SD Videos (50) Faith Therapy, Skills, Transformation, Revelations, Principles on a 64 GB flash Drive                                                                         $200

Flash Drive Audio Files

We can store the audio MP3 sound tracts of all 15 of our courses (150 classes) on a single 8 GB or larger flash drive or we can preload 8 of our courses on an 4 GB MP3 player.  The cost is $1.00 per class.  The advantage is that you can upload them to an MP3 player or smart phone or use our MP3 player to listen while you are exercising or doing other things.  The disadvantage is you will not be able to see any charts or gestures.  Of course, audio learners will get the most out of these.  This method of learning is also very inexpensive for those in developing countries where high speed Internet is unreliable or non-existant.   

All of our course sound tracks in MP3 audio format $150.00

Eight of our course sound tracks preloaded on an MP3 Player $80.00

This preloaded RCA MP3 player normally contains Faith Therapy, Counseling Skills, Transformation, Revelations, Principles, Group Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Anger Management, Domestic Violence and Abuse.  To substitute other courses send us an E-mail along with the order stating which courses you want.   



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