Counseling Curriculum for Church Programs

Word of life Counseling Center has over twenty years of experience starting and conducting Bible-based Christian support groups, lay counseling programs, church-based counseling centers, and church and college-based counseling training institutions. Because we have already developed the training and resources necessary for these programs, we are now providing them so that churches like yours can now obtain these resources and implement these programs in your church with our assistance.   

One Complete Course including 10 videos, outline, text book, assignments, test and test answer key. $100

When ordering this curriculum, please email us which of our 20 video courses you want us to send you.

One complete Certification program including 5 courses, books, 50 videos, outlines, assignments, tests, test answer keys and practicum course.  $500

All 6  complete certifications  programs including videos, outlines, books, assignments, tests, test  keys, practicums. $2800

Life Christian University 1st year curriculum on flash drive.     $320

All 20 videos, outlines, text books, assignments, tests, test keys,  practicums on a hard drive. $9000



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