Lay Counseling Certification

This certification is for those not ordained or licensed as a minister who want to assist their pastor in doing the long-term counseling that he and other staff members do not have the training or time to accomplish. 



1. Purchase the correct certification package below and read the text books.

2. Attend each required course in residence, by watching the videos on DVD or on the class webpage. After completion, each assignment should be turned in or sent via E-mail to for grading. Your final examination for the class will be sent to you when your last paper for that course is returned. Complete the final exam by underlining the correct answers and return it. Select the hyperlink below for the course syllabuses, course requirements, and E-school videos.


Faith Therapy

Effective Counseling and Coaching Skills



Principles of Life

Individual Practicum


 3. When the courses are satisfactorily completed, you will be enrolled in a counseling practicum where you will be required to complete at least 30 hours of face-to-face counseling and discuss your counseling with one of our qualified supervisors by E-mail (being careful to ensure client confidentiality). As part of your practicum you will receive coaching yourself to help you start an effective counseling ministry.


4. After you compete this supervised counseling you will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Reiner verifying that you have completed the required training and supervision, and are now certified as a pastoral or lay counselor.  


Add the Wichita, Kansas Residence Counseling Training and Certification package (5 courses including practicum and 5 books) to your shopping cart for a donation of $400. 


Add the DVD Home Study Counseling Training and Certification package (5 books, 5 DVD sets, and 10 one-half hour supervision sessions) to your shopping cart for a donation of $750.

Add the E-School Counseling Training and Certification package (5 video courses, 5 books, and 10 one-half hour supervision sessions) to your shopping cart for a donation of $600.

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We have now completed our updated course in psychopathology or abnormal behavior based on the new DSM5 which replaces the same course that was based on DSM IV.  For those of you required to get Contining Education on diagnosis based on DSM5 this course will provide all you need on the subject.  Of course our course discusses mental disorders from a Chritisn perspective. 

You can now obtain eight of the sound tracks of our counseling courses pre-loaded on a RCA MP3 player for 

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You can now obtain our video and audio files on a flash drive or download the counseling certification courses as audio MP3s.  Our bookstore now offers direct links to buy books from at significantly lower prices.


You now can access the Faith Therapy material from the books and videos by topic by following that link to our newly updated ministry and resource website Finally, on that website, you now have an opportunity to partner with us by donating to make this material freely available on the missions field even where adequate Internet connectivity is not available. 


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